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Toper cafemino 1kg green coffee roaster

Toper cafemino 1kg green coffee roaster. Sampling spoon and sight roaster glass for roasting control.

case of any fault in your machine 39 s electrical system and contact with Authorized Toper. Green coffee chamber sight glass. Adjustable digital thermostat.

Roasting Time: 12 Minutes to 15 Minutes. Hours Capacity: Between 4 5 Kg Type of Roasting: Thermal Transfer roasting.

Hot air regulation valve. Special color temperature light for color Cafemino takes the great attention of World Coffee Specialists for it 39 s ability roaster to roast lower volumes then it 39 s maximum of 1kg green coffee beans.

Slow / fast roasting. LPG or Natural Gas heating. Service for maintenance Model: Cafemino Gas Batch Capacity: 1 Kg of green coffee.

cafemino ROASTING MACHINE. The Cafemino Electric features high wattage heating elements located under the drum in the same location you would normally find the gas heating cafemino coffee grinder, full production facility design , touch control roasting, this gives the closest to 1kg gas Toper, coffee education , equipment, coffee machinery , third wave coffee, consultancy; in every coffee shop, industrial 1kg coffee production roaster facility in the world with endless options toper as PLC, roast house more TKMSX 1 CAFEMINO ELECTRIC COFFEE.

cafemino Burner Capacity: 10 000 BTU max) Gas Line Requirements: ¼ “ Dimensions HxLxW) : 81 x 100 x toper 52 toper Cm You can roast 1 kg green coffee beans at one batch with our durable Gas Roasting machine which we built it up with our.
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    Cafemino® perfectly accomplishes every kind of sample roasting for wholesale. Coffee 39 s sensory properties smell, aroma, taste, etc ) will be perfectly discovered andconsistent, right profiles are created with tiny batches.

| eBay Cafemino, the mini coffee roaster can roast 50 gr to 1 kg per batch at your cafe, coffee shop or micro roastery with industrial p 5 . TOPER cafemino 1KG GAS coffee roaster Coffee : Guatemala PeaBeery 800g Bean Drop : 200℃ 1St crack : 15 30 2nd crack : 19 30 Total roast time : 20m Finish wei I am thinking of upgrading my Hottop to a Toper Cafemino, which roasts 1kg of green beans at a time.

Say, a 1 lb sample roaster like the US Roaster gas, US , San Franciscan gas, US , Coffee Tech Maggiolino electric, Israel , Diedrich ( electric, US , DiScaf electric, Spain , or Roure electric, Spain Roasting up to 6 kg h | Slow / fast roasting | Adjustable digital thermostat; Hot air regulation valve | Green coffee chamber sight glass | Sampling spoon and sight glass for roasting control; Special color temperature light for color testing | High performance cooling tray and fan system | Simultaneous roasting and cooling Size Cafemino 1KG. Standard features & equipment.